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A Gallery Wall constructed with select statement pieces from our original in house collections, including poetry inspired line art and minimalism.

There’s no denying that right now gallery walls are very trendy and are a simple way to bring style and personality to any room, Oui Madame: Your style, Your personality! Yes, they are all the rage, but they also require an immense amount of precision and commitment to a specific look. I am here today to give you the required tools to make your personal statement a reality with a 4 steps guide to create an EROS+VESTA signature look.

© Cody Ulrich

Ready to plot your plan? Be kind to your walls and before nailing any holes establish your gallery wall layout on the floor. This is my favourite technique because it allows each art piece to interact with the others in order to find the perfect combination. And now? Here is my magic process condensed into 5 simple points: 

3) Use compostable or recycled paper tape to hang each cutout on your wall and get a feel for the layout.

4) Once you are happy with your the arrangement, use the placement marks made in step 2 as a guide to make hanger holes in the wall.

5) Remove the paper cutouts from the wall and hang your artwork!

Step 3: Golden Rule: Keep It Even To Those Baby Blue Eyes

Féminité is part two of a modern nude series dedicated to sensuality as a metaphor for the idleness of life and the present moment in time.

A triumphant gallery wall succeeds in keeping each piece of art equidistant from one another. Use a ruler to guide your placement and aim for a 3–6 inch (7-15 cm) gap between each piece of art around all sides of the frames. When it comes to larger art, arrange them with more space between frames, on the other hand grouping smaller pieces together.  Make sure there is plenty of space between the outside of the frames and any molding so that the gallery has room to breathe. If you’re using irregularly shaped items within your gallery wall you can skip this step and simply eye the layout based on your preference, but don’t forget to keep it EVEN! 

Step 4: Bring Chaos Into Order

Although I have total faith in your inner artist gallery walls tend to get out of control if they’re not watched over by an editorial eye, which is probably what makes it so amazing when it all works out! The key is to find the places where you can be consistent and use that to connect all of your disparate pieces.Some people have a natural eye for design, but if you’re more in the camp of those who can’t do anything without consulting a Pinterest board before making any change, a little inspiration and guidance never hurts. N’est-ce pas? Get Inspired and browse our signature look here.

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