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“You can not interpret one form of expression with another form of expression” wisely said Marcel Duchamp, despite my interest for who among few I consider to be the father of contemporary art, I rely on his conceptual vision of the arts. When we created EROS+VESTA I wanted to establish a democratized concept that fosters an easy understanding and appreciation of the arts in everyday life.

Living With The Arts

I firmly believe that the art market, as it stands today, is at a dead end because its elitist mode has killed the communicative purpose of art itself. Bringing culture to a global audience online should be the duty of every lifestyle brand, as the arts have a long history of intersecting with many areas of our lives and therefore our homes. Applied arts may be the heart of EROS+VESTA but they have no meaning without cultural participation, storytelling and emotion. Every artwork that I have created has simultaneously monopolized a various range of the arts as a global vision and are a form of response to the world.

Feeling an Ambiance

As I was shaping our Line Art Collection I examined diverse ways to engage a narrative through my cultural inspirations in painting and literature. For me, the feeling was tangible but I had trouble translating the core emotion of a piece using only words. Partisan of the camp of hypothetical intentionalism I wanted our collectors to be able to connect with their artwork by embodying other accessible components of their fine art prints. Music has revealed itself as a common ground between what I have created and what people could connect to and contemplate in their own dispositions. Spotify is the world’s most popular audio streaming platform, and with over 70 millions tracks to choose from I was able to tailor a playlist for each of our collections. I believe collecting art nowadays is like falling in love. We don’t just sell a product, we create emotions and colourful memories that will extend our collector’s experiences every time they want to feel the ambiance of their artwork.

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