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Few gifts are more memorable and meaningful than carefully chosen artwork, especially as we are all spending much more time in our homes. But how do you decide what art to buy for your friend, family member or partner? It’s important to think about their ‘art personality’. What interests do they have? Is there a place they love? What’s their style? Consider, also, the character of their home. Our Collections feature contemporary fine art prints designed in tribute to modern living and conscious interiors. Every piece is handmade to order, printed on archival cotton paper 300g/m2, signed by the artist and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Here are a few ideas to help you give the perfect gift of art this Christmas.

1. For A Minimalist

Monochromatic artwork is ideal for someone whose home is all about minimalist aesthetics. Minimalism creates a simple space that provides a sense of peacefulness. Géométrie Neutre evokes calm and stillness by connecting the worlds of art and design with style. Visually intriguing through the elementariness of its composition, this piece connects neutrality and still energy.

2. For A Nature Lover

Bring a little bit of wildlife into a nature lover’s home with a limited edition fine art print of 25. Côte Ouest is abstract piece that was created in homage to the wild nature unique to Canada’s West Coast. The graphic components of this artwork intend to be an abstract representation of a fjord, typical of our beautiful British Columbia. The colour choices were selected to implement a strong dynamic to carry the concept of modern living.

3. For A Neutral Lover

We all have that friend that dresses in beige all year long, lives in a home decor magazine and is really into skincare. Minimalism and contemporary design are cornerstones of their interior aesthetic but they also lean on the biophilic aspects of natural materials, functionality and a system of shapes mostly found in Scandinavian interiors. Textures Claires (Light Textures in English) is an abstract representation of tree rings printed on archival cotton paper 300g/m2. This meditative piece encourages us to reflect on our path of growth over time. A stylishly curated artwork with texture and depth to complement any neutral space with purpose.

4. For A Bachelor

Who says a man can’t decorate? I certainly don’t! After all, if you watch any of those highly addictive home decorating shows, men also have a natural talent for adding a unique splash of character and dimension to any room. Fine Artwork is a great way to express personality by adding a statement piece with a strong energy. Le Courage is a limited edition fine art print of 25. This strong piece is an artistic manifestation of having the courage to be your true self. I created this artwork to celebrate bravery and strength. Le Courage will feel dynamic and powerful in any space.

5. For An Interior Design Lover

Art is a key element in creating a beautiful and welcoming interior. At Studio Ninon we create art for interiors. With storytelling at the forefront, every creation is made to complement interiors design with meaningful art choices. Our Studio intends to foster an easy understanding and appreciation of the arts in everyday life, by creating contemporary artworks that breathe life, culture, and sustainability into every space. Matérialité is an abstract series exploring the concept of materiality as transforming a feeling and a message into a finished product. This set has proven to be a best-seller, and is the perfect gift for your interior design aficionados. Each piece can be purchased individually, as a diptych or as a triptych.

6. For A Feminist

Fine Art is the perfect home decor statement piece to voice personal opinions and values. Féminités is a modern nude series dedicated to sensuality as a metaphor for the idleness of life and the present moment in time. I created these pieces with the aim to reequilibrate the material use in advertising of the female body. These artworks are made to empower women’s strong bodies and democratize nudity. The series can be gifted as a set or separately.

6. For A Free Spirit

A free spirit is one who is independent and uninhibited. They march to the beat of their own drum and don’t always play by the rules. ‘Natural Phenomena’ is a meditation on the endless appeal of clouds in art. This piece is an encouragement to slow down and lose yourself in the simple things. A tailored gift to nourish thoughts and find stillness at any time.

7. For A Couple

If you’re shopping for a couple who have different tastes, it may be better to choose art that signifies love and togetherness. However, stay away from overly clichéd statements. Instead, choose a piece with a simple, special message. Entre Jambes (Between Legs) from our Permanent Collection is a statement piece praising softness and romanticism over fragile brush strokes. This best-seller is the perfect balance between masculine and feminine energy. The neutral colour palette of this artwork will feel sophisticated and timeless in any space.

8. For A Philosopher

The deep thinker is a rare creature in modern society. They are a beautiful exception in the world of consumerism, vanity, and ignorance. Gift them the endless opportunity to contemplate meaningful concepts through art. The Quatre Series is an abstract composition, where I explore the meaning of the number 4 (quatre in French), the “tetrad” considered the perfect number by the Pythagoreans. In the Pythagorean philosophy, there are four parts of the soul: mind, opinion, science and sense. Each part is represented by a different shape and colour coming together in complement to one another. Part of our Limited Edition collection, this series provides a culture-conscious look to complement any living space for a timeless result. Can be purchased together or separately.

The Quatre Series | An Abstract Composition by Ninon
Quatre Part I by Ninon | Limited Edition Art Print | EROS+VESTA


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